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Glooscap Further Invests into Lobster

March 29th, 2024, Yarmouth, NS

Glooscap Fisheries announced today that they have acquired an additional lobster fishing vessel, The Chris & Cate which fishes out of Cape St. Mary's just north of Yarmouth Nova Scotia. The Chris & Cate was launched in 2012 by Dixon Shipbuilders in Woods Harbour and measures 49'-9' by 21'-9''. Glooscap Fisheries also acquired three additional LFA 34 lobster licenses in separate transactions.

Glooscap Ventures, also owns 100% of Yarmouth Bar Fisheries where the lobster will be processed and distributed around the world. In total Glooscap now owns six LFA 34 lobster licenses spread over four lobster fishing vessels. Glooscap also owns licenses in groundfish, crab, clams, and tuna.



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