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Glooscap Launches Radio Station

Glooscap Ventures and Glooscap First Nation are excited to announce that Glooscap's first radio station is now live and broadcasting. As time goes on Glooscap Community Radio will add content but for now the radio will broadcast local Indigenous music, local news, national news, and a rebroadcast of the Mi'kmaq Matter Podcast, a podcast on everything Mi'kmaw Nation.

The next few weeks are considered a test and there maybe technical issues that need to be ironed out. As time goes on these will be fixed.

The station will be funded through Glooscap Ventures and there will be no cost for community members to listen. The plan is to have an app developed for both Android and iPhone. For now anyone can listen online at

During the Christmas holiday the radio will play Christmas music in Mi'kmaw.

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