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Glooscap Ventures
Soar Up Scholarship

Glooscap Ventures, an economic development corporation owned by the members of the Glooscap First Nation Band, seeks to celebrate and support post-secondary advancement and achievement among its members through an annual “Soar Up” program. The program will run a call for applications annually in the Spring and provide and annual, one-time, grant of up to $2,500 to two (2) successful applicants each year among Glooscap post-secondary-bound, or attending, members. One award will be designated for post-secondary university students and one will be designated for post-secondary community college/trades. The grants will be received at the Glooscap First Nation Annual General Meeting in August. Successful applicants will be expected to remain enrolled full-time or part-time in postsecondary education/training. Successful applicants will:

  • A Member of Glooscap First Nation

  • Certify that they have been accepted into a post-secondary program of study;

  • Submit a completed application by the deadline

  • Be eligible in all areas of post-secondary education and training including arts, sciences, technical and industrial trades and the health sciences;

  • Agree to have their award noted and communicated on the Glooscap Ventures website, AGM and collateral communication products.

Download application here: 

Please submit all applications to 

Eagle Flying
Previous Award Winners

2017: Sarah Veinot & Kaitlyn Halliday

2018: Skylar Maguire & Aliya Lickers

2019: Tammy Mudge & Michael Nicholson

2021: Clinton Ray Howard

2022: Alyssa Casey

2023: Peyton Lickers & Zoe Francis-Clare


Total awarded: $25,000

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